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The K.A.H.R. Foundation


The K.A.H.R. Foundation is a family foundation started in 2005 by Jeannine M. Rivet and Warren G. Herreid II for philanthropic endeavors. The letters of the foundation name stand for our surnames and our mothers’ maiden surnames: Kahler, Archambault, Herreid and Rivet.


We are proud to have helped design, build and give this Veterans Memorial to the citizens of Rock County, in honor of the brave veterans who gave their lives for our great country, and all the veterans of Rock County who have proudly served.

Warren G. Herreid II
Jeannine M. Rivet

The citizens of Rock County thank you for your personal support, passion and commitment in bringing to reality the vision of the Rock County Veterans Memorial.

It is with our deepest gratitude that we acknowledge and applaud your generosity. May the spirit of patriotism that you have shown reflect in the lives of all of us here!

Thank you and may God bless you!

Rock County

Board of Commissioners

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